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World Puja Passing It Forward

Welcome Divine Beloved Beings and Family of Light,

For three decades, I have been a catalyst for humanity’s shift from human nature to Divine nature, through both the spoken word and the written word.

I have done so, in part, through the medium of worldwide radio, as the President of The World Puja Network, as a four-time award-winning author, and as a global teacher of New World consciousness. That is my calling.

Knowing we are being woven faster and faster into the fabric of Creation, it matters to me what I bring forth to you as a catalyst and contributor to our New World.

The greatest changes to occur in the months and year ahead will issue forth from the inner planes, your inner planes. It is from there, through you, that Heaven will be brought to Earth. It matters that I use my gifts to help in this synthesis.

It also matters to me that you are able to make a substantial ascension with your Authentic Divine Self intact in 2012, the close of this 26,000 year cycle.

I have been called, “a thousand pounds of spiritual dynamite” in the book Living an Uncommon Life by John St. Augustine. In it I was blessed to share company with Christopher Reeve, Oprah Winfrey, and John Denver.

Dr. Jean Houston calls me a “Universal Instigator.”

What I am called is not as important (though I am grateful), as how I serve.

It is my fervent hope and intention that this ever-changing website will serve as both a guidepost and trusted resource, providing you with all of the information, inspiration, activations and support to enable you to be powerful, be abundant, be authentic, be inspired, be clear, be happy, and to achieve your highest potential as a Divine new human in a Divine new world.

Inside you will find the ways and means to do so.

Know you are loved,

Maureen Moss

World Puja Network

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