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Pass The L.O.V.E. Forward


I choose to live in joy while involved with the L.O.V.E. It Forward Movement.  I will inspire others. I will only transfer a positive feeling to my protege.   I will believe in my protege.  I will always practice compassion as it a recognition of oneness.  I am willing to help my protege get what they want by helping them network with other like-minded people online. Forgiveness is essential.  I will abide by all six pillars of character at all times.  They are;  Respect, Responsibility, Sharing, Caring, Trustworthiness, & Citizenship.  Everyone who is part of the Pass The L.O.V.E. Forward Movement accepts everyone for who they are.  Everything that I am involved with in this movement will appeal to 100% of people, or it won't be part of the Pass The L.O.V.E. Forward Movement.

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