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Arlan Berglas
Dec 17, 2010

Lisa Clapier Passing It Forward

Lisa, welcome to your new website that has been provided to you by your own personal volunteer Pass It Forward (PIF) online mentor as part of a "Service Grant" from We, The World.  Those people and organizations helping to create more peaceful communities are given a free website to promote their ideas.  

"EveryOne comes into my life as they should"

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The World Peace One Foundation is a non-profit organization working in collaboration with We, The World & the Pass The L.O.V.E. Forward Movement.  Together, we align ourselves with all persons, community groups, cities, universities, faith-based groups, non-profit organizations, and corporations that stand for and promote world peace and human unity and equality, regardless of their national, political and/or religious affiliation.

Our intent is nothing less than to secure humanity's future by creating and advancing programs that move humankind toward a more peaceful, prosperous, sustainable and equitable global community, and by educating, informing, inspiring and empowering all people to collaborate, and to solve the problems before us by peaceful means.

We emphasize unity, equality, cooperation, prosperity, and environmental responsibility, and are committed to empowering people interested in Universal P and Friendship.  To that end, World Peace One is launching a ground-breaking "Ten-Year Global Peace Initiative" and "Acts of Kindness" program that will include, among other things, major entertainment events, ambassadorship programs, interfaith and environmental programs, "sponsorship programs," humanitarian relief efforts, symposiums, educational curricula, and grassroots community activities and gatherings.

The main objective of the WP1 Initiative is nothing short of awakening, inspiring and convincing our Greater Human Family to embrace the Love, Compassion, Forgiveness, Wisdom and Kindness that is our rightful heritage and the fullfillment of our highest expression, mission purpose and destiny - and in so doing create the largest Peace Movement the world has ever seen.

The World Peace OneSuperConcert” is being organized to take place in the late summer 2011, and will consist of several simultaneously held "live" concert events and a worldwide multi-point concert broadcast initiated by World Peace One Concerts, and by the World Peace One Foundation, Inc. a nonprofit organization and primary beneficiary of the event, which is promoted by a group of music industry and television broadcast professionals, including Doug Ivanovich (Chairman and Executive Producer), Lawrence Freiberg (Co-Executive Producer), Paul Flattery (Worldwide Producer), Bob Cutarella (Music Producer), and others. "These events are designed to increase awareness and activism for self improvement, self growth leading to world betterment and world peace, one person at a time," says Arlan Berglas, the Executive Director of We, The World and Director of Global Development for World Peace One.

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