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January 7, 2012, 4:46 pm
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  Imagine if every business was a green business

A Series of Green Economy and Workforce Development Forums included

Green Business Expos  Job Fairs  Education Roundtables  Business Seminars  Conferences

Coming soon:
GreenWorld Radio - the Media Channel of GreenWorks NYC

The Green Marketplace is exploding, but there is a dynamic missing in its growth. Information is sporadic and fragmented making it difficult to be prepared for opportunities when they arise. No one has been able to create a cross-sector collaborative platform for managing large-scale change and mobilizing actionable intelligence. Until now...


GreenWorks NYC was:

Presented by We, The World and New York City Council Member Alan J. Gerson

GreenWorks NYC will:

  • Convene Solutions Roundtables - Sector specific, results-driven meetings during and between major events with facilitation and web-published results.
  • Create a Social Network Map, with analysis and database of the players and influencers to support decision making and solution seeking in the emerging Green Business landscape.
  • Provide Education and Green Jobs Development pathways bridging K-12, Higher Education, Industry and Government.

Your participation is key. Please click on any of the following to request information about becoming a Sponsor,Resource Partner, Exhibitor, Outreach Partner, Green Solutions Roundtable Participant, Allied City Participant (we are already forming alliances with Portland, Oregon and Los Angeles in the USA), Organizer/Volunteer, or to Receive Information about our activities in general.

Douglas Cohen, Executive Producer
646 510-0901, DCohen@WeTheWorld.org

Rick Ulfik, Executive Director
212 867-0846, RickUlfik@WeTheWorld.org

The prestigious New York Academy of Sciences hosted the launch and inaugural roundtable of GreenWorks NYC - a multi-year effort to create an upgrade in results-driven collaboration in the Green Economy of New York.

The Program included:
  • NYC Council Member Alan J. Gerson (District One in Lower Manhattan) - Keynote Address
  • Welcome from Communications Coordination Committee for the U.N.
  • Panel: Opportunities and Innovation in the NY Green Economy
    • Mike Gordon - C-Power - Smart Energy
    • George Gosieski - Built Environment
    • Whitney Smith - Social Innovation
    • Douglas Lawrence - Green real estate
    • Debra Italiano - Sustainable Food Systems
    • Steve Salsberg - EcoVentions
    • Joyce Moi - CUNY/Chinatown Business Association
Other Presenters included:

Scott Beall (Integral Vision Learning) - Education & Green Workforce Development
Ariane Burgess - (Regenerative Culture) - Regenerative Leadership & Community Systems
Douglas Cohen
(U.S. Partnership/Education for Sustainable Development,) - Leadership & Community Engagement
Ally LaTourelle (Earthventure Capital, LLC) - Green financing
Rick Ulfik (We, The World) - Building local-to-global networks of collaboration
Deborah Stern (2020 Fund) - Sustainable Earth by 2020

Special guest Al Smith from the soulful high energy musical group Blacksmith- singing, clapping and dancing in the aisles!

About the Venue
The New York Academy of Sciences Conference Center is located at 7 World Trade Center. Completed in 2006, it is the first commercial office building in New York City to receive the U.S. Green Building Council's Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) certification, where it won a Gold rating.



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