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Arlan Berglas
Mar 7, 2011

Global Happiness Association

Make the decision to be happy right now!    


Pass It Forward Philosophy

Global Happiness Day - Everyday!

Welcome to your new website that has been provided to you by your own personal volunteer Pass It Forward (PIF) online mentor as part of a "Service Grant" from the Global Happiness Association.

The best way to begin is to go to aunitedworld@gmail.com and request to speak with a mentor on Skype or comparable.  In just 30 minutes your mentor will help you L.O.V.E.

Learn your purpose
Organize your passion
Volunteer your gift
Engage your heart
After you complete your 30 minute online chat you will then be able to do the same thing for others so that you can then pass it forward too.  Your PIF Mentor cannot fully help you until he/she knows your purpose, passion and gift (everyone has a gift!).  For a better understanding for what a PIF Mentor is go to www.aunitedworld.org/mentor.asp.    
If you would like to set up a specific day and time to meet online, please write to aunitedworld@gmail.com.   
"EveryOne comes into my life as they should" 

World Peace - One Person at a Time

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