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Arlan Berglas
Jan 12, 2011

Global Happiness Association Passing It Forward

Global Happiness Day - EVERYDAY!

Free ebook for those Passing It Forward!

Aymee Coget will donate 30 min/ week for online mentoring as her way of passing it forward to those that want to learn how to be a happiness activist for global happiness!  Additionally, any person that signs up for her free happiness newsletter will also be entitled to a free website to promote how they are passing it forward too! 



In 1996, Aymee Coget, Ph.D. (pronounced Co jjayy), CEO of the American Happiness Association, made the decision to devote her entire life to helping millions of people live happier lives. Since then she has established an international practice based in San Francisco teaching happiness science to individuals, groups and she gives speeches to corporations.

She has received accolades from her work with people who thought they would never experience happiness for them- selves as demonstrated in client testimonials and was recognized by the New York Times as the Suze Orman of happiness.

Dr. Aymee’s combinations of techniques focusing on the mind, body, and spirit have helped people achieve a deep internal contentment that stays regardless of what the situation may bring. Being recognized as a leader in helping others feel better, Aymee blogs for many websites including Yahoo! Health and has founded The American Happiness Association. 

Aymee frequently comments on the topics of happiness and resiliency for the media including magazines, newspapers, and television. 

She is an author in a book series focused on achieving gratitude in the face of tragedy called “Thank God I” where she writes about her story “Thank God I was fat, ugly, poor, divorced, and live in chronic pain.” 

In 2004, recognized as a happiness authority by Lionel Ketchian, the founder of The Happiness Club, she was asked to start a happi- ness club in San Francisco and since then has trained others on how to lead happiness clubs. Dr. Aymee also has authored the Feel Better Now! home study course so people can learn how to feel better in the privacy of their own home.

Aymee takes a ‘training’ approach with her clients by seeing them as whole individuals who need to simply learn and employ the skills of happiness science. Aymee’s PhD is in Organizational Psychology with an emphasis in leadership and the science of happiness.

To see more videos of Dr. Aymee, visit her YouTube Station Happy Aymee.

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